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Aloha Skatetown was one of the few decent parks near Jungleland and as such it became a frequent haunt of many OG Jungleland skaters. Located in Agoura CA., this park offered one of the knarliest snake runs ever conceived. It was also very unique in the rose colored conrete it was poored with which was quite beautiful. As a privately owned park (as all parks were in the 70's and 80's), an awesome sound system was also installed and tunes would blast all day and night.

Below you will find links to some additional pages with history and pictures of Aloha and those who skated it.

The Park

Park Layout
Surf-Skate Shop

The Skaters

Jef Morgan
John Morgan
Brad Meyers
Brad Bowman
Brett Ross

Note: Several photos/images presented here are from the website of R.D. Nelson and are Copyright (C) by R.D. Nelson, designer of Aloha skatetown. We have tried to contact Mr. Nelson through the email address of his website but the address is no longer valid and has not been updated in 2 years. If you know of how to contact Mr. Nelson please do let us know. There is no malicous intent to use this content, only the open sharing of the past for all who experienced it. This is a non-commercial website whose creators skated Aloha on a regular basis and loved this park!

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